Asia Pacific Market Entry

Companies always need newer and bigger markets; but to SME's the cost and risk of gaining access to these markets is a constant problem. Through Causeway; manufacturers and suppliers of quality products and services can expand their services, sales and distribution into the large, energetic and rapidly expanding markets of Asia Pacific.

Using Causeway's expertise in internet marketing and e-trading with their knowledge and experience of the region, Causeway can efficiently and quickly build sales and marketing abilities for our clients. Additionally Causeway can advise on the suitability, market positioning and demographics of products in a variety of sectors including; cosmetics, IT and telecom, wellbeing foods and health.

Causeway can also find suppliers for products required by companies outside the region wishing to import into their current markets we can ensuring quality and compliance of products and the logistics needed to guarentee consistancy of supply.

Causeway uses sample test marketing through the internet, a simple inexpensive method for small companies to enter a market with confidence. A future, sales plan can be built around the results of the tests and implemented quickly and efficiently, improving sales and profits.


Causeway gives client's products and services the widest coverage by using an innovative internet/e-marketing model where our knowledge of the region's internet companies and channels is invaluable. We will also advise suppliers on local laws and tariffs to ensure products enter the market countries in the most legal and efficient manner saving the suppliers considerable time and costs. Once we are a confirmed advisor the source company can leave development within the region to Causeway and see their company expand in the world's largest most dynamic market.

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