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Recruitment and HR

Causeway Consulting Executive Search and Selection

Successful business in Asia Pacific relies on many factors a major part of which is the recruiting and retention of high quality experienced and qualified staff.

Causeway offers a professional international service using both our own offices and proven affiliates. In the Greater China region we cover the recruitment of senior management and executives including both expatriates, and Hong Kong, Taiwanese and PRC nationals. Causeway cover projects requiring staff of all levels and skills; from directors to technicians. As a part of our services we will advise on salary packages for specific professions, markets and geographic areas.

Business Consultants and Advisers

The Asia Pacific region is where business famously revolves around networking and business contacts. Experienced practical local advice can make all the difference between success and failure by targeting the most important and relevant issues and how to best utilise available resources .

Causeway Business Services

Causeway Business Service cover: regional business strategy, start-up assistance, project management, market research, and product positioning.

Market Entry

Causeway Consulting Asia Pacific Market Entry

Companies always need newer and bigger markets but to SME's the cost and risk of gaining access to these markets is a constant problem.

Through Causeway; manufacturers and suppliers of quality products and services can expand their services, sales and distribution into the large expanding markets of Asia Pacific.

Using Causeway's expertise in internet marketing and e-trading with their knowledge and experience of the region, Causeway can efficiently and quickly build sales and marketing abilities for our clients. Additionally Causeway can advise on the suitability, market positioning and demographics of products in a variety of sectors including; cosmetics, IT and telecom, wellbeing foods and health.

Causeway can also find suppliers for products required by companies outside the region wishing to import into their current markets we can ensuring quality and compliance of products and the logistics needed to guarentee consistancy of supply.

Career Guidance

Causeway Career Guidance

Moving positions, re-entering the job market or just arriving in Hong Kong? Finding a new suitable position is never easy.

Causeway helps applicants in writing C.V's, interview techniques and on the employment market in Hong Kong either to change positions, re-enter the labour market or as new resident in Hong Kong.

Human Resources Consulting

Retaining management teams is difficult in a region that is rapidly changing. We can advise on terms and conditions of employment for individuals and projects.

Keeping good staff can be as hard as recruiting and if staff retention problems are not recognised and approached correctly they can lead to very expensive staff losses. Causeway Consulting can help organisations anticipate these problems before they arise and can advise on how best to handle them before they become a major issue. As a part of our services we suggest salary packages for specific professions, markets and geographic areas.

ECO (Education Chinese Online)

ECO is a professional Mandarin Chinese training school specialising in courses for expatriates residing in China.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Journey

Causeway Consulting has worked in the Hong Kong, Greater China market for close to two decades. It has been challenging and rewarding and our extensive experince gives us deep insight into the company cultures of the region. We can help you to match the right talent with the right position for a win-win result.